Sunday, September 25, 2016

Challenge Blocks!

Last year, the Challenge Block Committee picked out some awesome fabric for the challenge blocks.  I did all mine and turned them in last fall.  Then someone gave me one, as I was packing up our house to move.  It has been AWOL for quite some time.  We were unable to have our Quilt Show in 2016, so the challenge blocks will be on display at Room To Learn, in November in Kuna, during the Customer Appreciation Run.  Quilters visiting Room to Learn will get to vote on their favorite challenge blocks.  I found that challenge block fabric last week!!  How timely!  I have been practicing making these 'frames,' as they call them in England, and I did the off-set frame for this challenge block.  There was an additional left-over piece from a block I did last fall, so I used it all up making this one block.
I used the same technique on the outer border (frame), or I would not have had enough fabric without cutting and piecing it.  I had exactly enough.  I do hope you all like it.

Friday, September 9, 2016

That Red White and Blue Quilt I Started in 2008 is Finished!

My blog entry for July 4 is about this quilt, but the photo is of what was on the design wall that day.  There was not much up there.  I am so happy to have it finished after all these years.  I get to cross it of my list of UFOs.
Ta-da!  I do love bright colors!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Made a Fat Quarter Pop-up!!

Sometime in June, I discovered the Fat Quarter Pop-Up.  I bought one from Nancy at Nancy's Quilt Shop in Nampa.  Then I bought a refill (spring) in Bend, OR on the way back from the Sister's Quilt Show in July.  Nancy came to our Kuna meeting last Wednesday and gave a lovely demonstration on how to make these Pop-ups!  All you add is your own fat quarter.
Friday night I got out my license plate fabric fat quarter and got started.  I finished it up on Saturday morning, just before my hair appointment. I took the Pop-up with me, and I stopped at my dear friend's house to wish her a happy birthday.  I gave her the pop-up. A perfect home made gift!
It has a metal spring inside and a piece of elastic sewn into
the side seam, so you can smoosh it down and secure it
with the elastic, so it is compact. Take the elastic off and it pops-up!
It is a handy container to take to quilting retreats to hold
your scraps, or whatever you decide to put in it.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer should get a speeding ticket!

I have gotten a couple of quilts finished! Hoorah! My stack n' whack doll quilt got a blue ribbon at the Western Idaho State Fair! Yeah! I have been cleaning, painting, and organizing our garage, so not much quilting or blogging going on.  But hey, here are my top picks for the quilt shows I went to in July:
Council Quilt Show -hand quilted -Spools by Barbara Huey
of Indian Valley, ID
Sisters Quilt Show -my favorite. By Pati Fried of
Piedmont, CA -love the fabrics and the background!
a little closer so you can see the detail;
especially the selvage edges that make up
the background
Love it! Don't know who did it.
Quilt backs blowing. Sisters Quilt Show

Sisters Quilt Show -hand quilted by Jan Tetzlaff of
Bend, OR, Guatemala Color
Star Quilt Show:I wanted to include a photo of this entire quilt,
but the blog program only lets me show it sideways, even when
I chopped it into top and bottom. Here is the close-up;
you can see the bunny ear details and kites.  This one
was by Saralyn Lynart; it is called Seasons in A Row

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Duck Tape Quilt -oh yeah!

I had an extremely busy July:
1st  Sat in July –Council Quilt Show –took Aunt Daisy and my friend T

2nd weekend in July –Sisters Quilt Show –went with my friends to 3 days, two nights, quilting adventure in Sisters, Oregon

3rd Sat in July –Star Quilt Show –took Aunt Daisy and Duree and then went out for Mexican food!  What fun.

20th of July –flew to Missouri and drove back to Boise with our daughter and stopped in Hamilton MO (quilting Mecca of USA)

4th weekend of July  -M and I used duck tape to make a sun drape for our back patio, which looks like a quilt! I used my half-hexi ruler that I bought at the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton MO.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July! What is on the Design Wall in July?

It is the 4th of July! Yeah! I did some yard work, have to go visit my Mom and run some errands this afternoon, maybe run through the sprinkler. Although, I did run through the sprinkler at the Lyons Club Park in Council, ID, on Saturday afternoon.  What fun!  We went to the Council Quilt Show, had a picnic, and I ran through the sprinkler, while T swang (yes!, swang!) on the swing, and Daisy looked on with great amusement.  I will post pictures of my favorite quilts at the Council Quilt Show, later this week.  Meanwhile, below is a photo of the quilt I am working on for "Scrap Happy". 
     I started the quilt, below, in late 2008.  I wanted it to look scrappy but I was short on RWB scraps, so I was using repeat fabrics and trying to put together different combinations of the same fabrics in the blocks, and it was very limiting.  I put it away and went on to enhance my quilting skills on many other quilts since then. When I went into quilt shops, if I did not need something for the current quilt, I would look for fun red, white, and blue fabrics to add to my stash.  I have discovered, this last week, that I truly have enough RWB to get on with finishing this quilt top.  I have discovered, that my old skills (2008-2009) were a bit more sloppy than I am today, but I am going to use those old sections and just fill in the gaps with the new fabrics.  The newer fabrics actually date through the entire time-frame after 2009 until day-before-yesterday.  Yes, had to buy some red and white fabric, in Cambridge, on the way back from Council! 

I have used some of these fabrics in
other quilts I have made since 2008.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wonky Flowers!!

Way back in March, when my life was completely frazzled, I took time to be good to myself, and I attended our Spring retreat in Eagle.  I planned on working on my purple Twisting Turning Twenty, but once again I was thwarted by the group learning of a new stack n' whack block.  It is called Wonky Flowers.   Well, okay, I will give it a try, but then I am back to my purple project.  Well, that did not work so well.  I ended up deciding I needed to complete this new project, so I could return to working on my old projects, of which I have 30 on a list from 2015.  I have not had time to update my list for 2016, not to mention it was packed in a box somewhere until May.  Below is my first quilt photo, taken out-of-doors at our new house. 

The fabrics are those I have collected with cupcake, baking themes,
and polka dots. Quilted by Phyllis Oneal.