Monday, December 11, 2017

I got a box from my Quilting Niece!! Oh, My!

When I got home from work today, there was a box on the chair in my office (where I do the bills and stash all my historic books and research).
It was from QN!  It is my birthday eve, so it feels like a birthday present!
I put on my comfy sweatshirt (the one with Merlinda on the front), and my cozy wool slippers and sat in my favorite easy chair and viciously opened it with a dull knife.  There was the cutest thank-you card, for the Haiku Charm quilt I sent to her in late November.  OMGoodness!  GF chocolate cake mix, GF pizza crust mix, special little tea bags, cocoa from Hungary, awesome socks, and you would not believe it! . . . . . a quilt!  Wow! I've never had a quilt made completely with batiks! They are hexagons!  She gets an A+++!  Thank you, QN.  I love it.  I have tomorrow off from work, so I guess I will bake a pizza crust and make pizza for lunch!
     I will post photos later. GFQ

Sunday, December 3, 2017

I Finished A Quilt!

This Haiku Charm quilt was on my To-Do List, back in 2014 and 2015.  The I lost track of my To-Do List in the middle of moving from one house to another in 2015????  Oh, what a blur!  Some of the blocks were given to me by my quilting niece (QN) just before she went into the Navy.  She has been out of Navy for a little while now, and I thought I better get it finished.  I could not post the photo until after she received it in the mail.  This is actually a nice sized quilt, and I got it all done!
quilted by Phyllis Oneal
Besides the squares and strips that QN provided, I included fabrics left over from the under the sea quilt I made for Mary B., the Aoie Has Two Sisters quilt that I made for Leilani, the Sunset Sail quilt, and some of the new fabric I got in Korea earlier this year.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I Made a Red White and Blue Wonky House Block

Yes, yes.  I have been busy.  I joined the commuter van for transportation to and from work.  The traffic around here has just become unnervingly thick.  I drove in last Thursday, so I could do a five-mile hike in the foothills right after work.  I do not regret it. I did just fine. The important thing is the company was good.  Meanwhile, I have three quilts to get bindings on. I have to finish my "Greedy" wall-hanging, and deliver a couple of sassy doll quilts.  Meanwhile, my one quilt group did a fat quarter swap last Wednesday night.  I have a mostly red one, solid blue one, and a tone-on-tone white dotty one, then the one we are supposed to use with our RW&B fabrics.  Well, I did not want to use the extra one, mainly because it also has yellow in it.  Sue bullied encouraged me to use it, so I made it the sky of my wonky house block.  I admit it looks fab!!!  I decided if I had to have yellow in my block, I could also have one of my marvelous women in my block as well, so it has made me very happy.  I will be donating it, at our January meeting, to the group project.
Oh, I substituted the lady bug fabric for the
tone-on-tone white dotty fabric. 
I will make another block and use it in that one.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Surprise Halloween Wall Hanging

My daughter received the Halloween Wall Hanging I made for her.  Now it is okay to post a photo on my blog.  She said I picked some really cool skulls and was surprised, due to I do not like skulls, skull fabric, skull shirts, etc.  Then I told her all the fabric was scraps cast off by my friend T, except the white with little tiny bones and tiny orange skulls.  It was a lot of fun to make, and I may use some of those remaining scraps to make another Halloween something-or-other.
the spiders are the rare six-legged variety

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Had a Fabric Frenzy This Weekend

Yes!  Kirsten came over to use my design wall, because her brain was overflowing with quilt ideas.  So, she overflowed on my design wall.  What are friends for, anyway?!  Here she is after going hog wild for a few hours.
This crazy chick got two whole quilt tops finished, sandwiched, and ready to quilt.  And she has two others she left on the design wall!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Designing a Quilt

I needed to design a quilt depicting the 2018 Piecemakers of Idaho Quilt Show Theme:  Garden of Quilts
I began by clearing off my design wall, and pulling out all the gardening type fabrics I could find in my stash.  I decide right away that I wanted to use this sun flower fat quarter someone had given me.  It is my focal point piece of background.  This looks a bit messy, but you can decide what you want to remove.    I like the three colors on the yellow background, so the pieces that look funky with those bits, I remove and see what is left.
1)drag it all out 2) weed out
   3)imagine 4) add something else

I decided to add a bold one-inch separating border to help the lighter parts stand out.  I decided to create some 'quilt flowers', and I want to use ribbon as stems to help the flowers be more three-dimensional.  I did not have enough of any one light- colored floral fabric to go clear around as a border, so I used three different ones.  5) experiment  6) audition
Then my friend T made me think about this tulip design I had seen in a quilt at Sisters.  I made the tulip blocks bigger than I meant to, but it gave me more of a border to add more details to.  My friend N donated the hexi flower centers.  It began to remind me of designing a counted cross stitch!
7) add more details
8) final preview before quilting
I pinned the 'quilt flowers' on, so I could remove them for the actual quilting of the quilt.   After I quilted it and bound it, I sewed on the 'quilt flowers' and the hexi centers of the flowers.  I pulled it all together by using the orange as a frame in the binding.  Here is the 9) final product.
I really like the final product!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Cat Quilt Complete

I was not horsing around as much as I thought.  I got my cat quilt completed.  My friend T bought some cat panels and made a cat quilt top at my house.  She left the extra blocks for me.  I think it was about a year ago.  Anyway, every time I opened the doors to my stash, it was laying there screaming at me! So, I finally did something about it and got it d-o-n-e.

I admit it was fun, and it is delightful!