Thursday, April 14, 2016

Orphan Block Challenge!

I had a wonderful time at the last Idaho PieceMakerS Meeting, in Kuna.  We all brought our Orphan Block projects and presented them to their owners, all finished in a surprise fashion.
I forgot to take a photo of the finished wall hanging.
Norma took a photo and sent it to me.
The really amazing part was what became of the two orphan blocks I submitted for completion by someone else. 

I made these two blocks at a quilting class in spring 2014. I learned paper piecing and enjoyed the experience, but I did not want to make anymore of these type of blocks for a quilt.  I prefer my own free-style method of making wonky house blocks.  So, these went into the paper bag for the Orphan Block Challenge.  It turns out Mary, picked my bag from the pile on the table and what she brought back, two months later, was a wonderful pleasing surprise to me!  Below are the front and back of the most fabulous tote bag!  The back has the trees block and it is a pocket. She, also, put a pocket on the inside. The bag is lined in navy blue.  Mary is an excellent seamstress and made me feel extra special with this wonderful finished project!

Thank you, Mary!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Newly Painted Old Cabinet and Smashing Roses!

Hi all!  I have been very busy, but have made progress in a little bit of the quilting area of my life.  T helped me move my metal cabinet from my workshop into my husband's empty workshop, where I took a couple hours to be creative with some spray paint.  I painted it white, with pink and yellow accents.  This last Saturday, T and R helped me moved my newly painted cabinet into the new house; into my quilting room.  I managed to get five boxes emptied this last weekend and it is starting to get organized.  T helped me put up my design wall next to my newly painted old metal cabinet.  Right now that blue flannel quilt that I am growing is on my wonky houses quilt on the other wall.  I want to see my wonky houses quilt and not have other quilts being designed on top of it.
     Last Saturday after getting the cabinet situated, T and I went to Quilt Expressions and ran amok!  We found the coolest fabrics to use in our dog quilts and more! I have nothing on my freshly hung design wall yet, but I am working on a wall hanging for someone in the Idaho PieceMakerS group, from their orphan block.  I took a photo, so I can show it off on my blog. It is ready to be quilted, laid out on the backing and batting. I plan on having it done by Sunday.   
The big block in the center is the orphan block that
I added to.  The only fabric I could find that went
with that red diamond in the center are the roses;
and what a smashing match!

Monday, February 22, 2016

February is nearly gone, but there is something on the design wall!

I know February is nearly gone, but I think that is a good thing. Tonight is supposed to be a snow moon according to the Farmer's Almanac Calendar.  After I type this, I will have to go outside and have a look.  It got up to 50 degrees today, here in the Treasure Valley.  I have something to post, before February is gone.  I unpacked a couple boxes in my quilt room (in December), and decided I had best use up some of this flannel and make more room in my fabric cabinet.  I pulled all the blue and white flannel out, all but two of the fabrics are scraps left from previous quilts.  The stash flannel that has not been in previous quilts is the blue on blue leaf pattern flannel and the tiny symbols print (may be black on blue). The symbols print is small, so you cannot distinguish it in the photo.  I decided to just grow a quilt and use as much as possible of the airplane, automobile, and train fabrics.  Some of the Spidey scraps were already sewn to black flannel, so I added more black flannel, into the quilt, for contrast and balance. 
Growing a quilt is fun because you don't know how it will end up, but you can leave it on the design wall and just add to it when you can, or when you feel like and not have to remember what it was you were doing with it.  I think there are three seams to sew on this before it is all one piece. Also, I think I need to add another strip across the top to make it yet longer.  I last worked on it on Super Bowl Sunday. I will post a photo should I get it finished in the next couple months.  It is soo close to being a finished quilt top, but I have other priorities at the moment.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

I took a break from moving activities/working at old house over the Christmas and New Years holidays.  On December 19, I completed a fabulous Dalek pillow case for our daughter.  On New Year's Day, our daughter helped me to hang my wonky houses quilt on the wall in my new quilt room.  We had a wonderful time! 
Dalek pillow case, is said to exterminate
sleeplessness and bad dreams.

Now that this fun pieced quilt is hanging up,
I can see the entire thing at one time.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rustic Bird Wallhanging Completed

It is completed at last.  I finally finished whip-stitching the casing on the back, for hanging.  It looks very nice hanging in the entry way of the new place.  I made it specifically for the quilt shelf that it is hanging from.  I made the quilt shelf many years ago, and it has only been used for two other quilts. The quilt shelf measures 37.5" across and 4" deep.  The bird quilt is 30" across.  This is brief, as I need to get back to putting everything to rights in one of the rooms in our new place.  No, it is not the quilting room. That one must wait.
The idea behind the block pattern is from the book:
pretty little mini quilts, by Lark Books.  I just enlarged
the block size and use bird fabric!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel

Dalek fabric and coordinating fabrics in new kitchen.
No, Light at the End of the Tunnel is not a quilt block or quilting pattern, that I know of.  I have been going great guns on fixing up the house, so I have not started the project that this fabric is for.  My cutting table has been taken over with other stuff, however, I have stacked some quilt tops and table runners on one end. Ebony has chosen this stack to be her new napping place.  I am thankful that Google has graciously allowed me to log back into my own blog. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doc Brown vs. The Doctor

Happy October 21, 2015!  Things have been crazy and busy around here. I want to weigh in on the "Back to the Future" thing.  Doc Brown was pretty good, but a bit careless. Sometimes The Doctor is a bit careless.  Both of them had companions to help them succeed in their endeavors.  I believe the hi-jinx of Marty McFly and his nemesis Biff were not really going to impact the Earth and the Universe as much as those of Rose and Martha and the Daleks and Cybermen. But how can we compare a movie trio with a long lasting television program?  I think Marty McFly was awesome as the unexpected time traveler. Those stories are the best! Just look at Dent in the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy.  For an American time travel production, "Back to the Future" has my vote. For British, The Doc rocks!!

Sorry, nothing on the quilting front. We are preparing our house to go on the market and this place is a mess. Also, no time for quilting.  I will get my fix in November at the mini-retreat in Eagle. Yeah! Mini-retreat!  I hope!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!  As soon as I get the Dalik pillow case sewed up, I will post a photo!  I could post a photo of our remodeled kitchen . . .hmmmm.

On the subject of 1985 vs 2015 there was a lot of things we did not have back then.  But, if you don't have them, you don't miss them. I had a 35mm camera, now I have a digital camera. We did not have e-mail and no blogs at all! So, I would not have cared that it took a week to get my photos developed before I could post them on a non-existent blog.  OMG!  I found the best Halloween fabric to go with the Dalek fabric!  I will take a digital photo and post it to my totally existing blog!