Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Might Have Been Horsing Around -or What's on the Design Wall in Sept!

It has been a busy summer and my fresh healthy lifestyle has left me longing for more time in the quilt room.  I am feeling healthier and today, I am happier.  The Knotty Quilters had a retreat this last weekend, Sept 8, 9, and 10.  I spent all three days diligently working on my Buggy Barn, Poker Run quilt project.  I got all 12 horse blocks completed.  I had a wonderful time with my quilting buddies, too!  When I will get further on this quilt, has yet to be determined, but the hard part is over, baby!
The pattern is called Poker Run, by Buggy Barn.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trip to Sisters Oregon Quilt Show

I had a great time.  We left Boise at 8:30 on Friday, July 7.   We stopped in Burns at their fine quilt shop.  It was actually fine!  They had a wonderful selection; even train fabrics.  Oh yes, I had to buy some train fabrics.  Shannan found me some flamingos. I had to buy some of that! Then we had lunch across the street, which was rather time consuming, but absolutely delicious.
Burns Oregon
    We drove on to Bend.  As I was driving on to our motel, one of my friends spotted a quilt shop on the main drag. We made a right at the light and were there in a flash.  Turns out it was one that had moved from an industrial park, where it had been during our previous visit.  Great new location.  Not as packed as last year, but when we heard a bus had pulled up, we quickly got in line to check out and vamoosed.  I behaved and only bought 1 yard of kitty print.  The next one, I stayed outside and relaxed in one of the chairs they had out front.  I was trying to control my spending and I really do not need anymore fabric.  After ten minutes I decided I should go in and check on the progress of the others.  Logistical error?  Purrr-haps! I found some kitty fabric, and Shannan found me a flamingo quilt pattern. Then I went upstairs with Daria and we looked at their quilt display. Very nice.  Then I exited to wait for the others, so I would not be tempted further.  Then Nancy came out and gave me some fat quarters she thought I would like.  The Daria came out and gave me some fat quarters she thought I would like. Wow! What awesome friends!  We headed to the Shilo Inn Suites Hotel, where I stood in line to check in.  It was very busy.  Our rooms were right next to the Descuetes River. It was beautiful.  We went to dinner downtown on Bond Street, noisy but delicious. Thank-you Nancy's friends for hooking us up.
   Next morning, Daria and I had breakfast on the veranda overlooking the Descuetes River.  Then we meet our party and went to get coffee at Albertsons?  We went to Albertson's; I don't recall what happened there. On to Sisters we went.  There was a long line of traffic, but I turned left, before town, and wound around and into town from the south, found parking, and we were off!  We found out rapidly how quickly we can lose each other and we split off into smaller groups.  It was fun and fabulous, especially with friends.   Here are my top favorite quilts from the show.

Happy Daze, Cindi Nofziger, Albany, OR
Morning Garden, Susan Telford, Bend, OR
Jewels, Jill Miller, Sisters, OR 
California Girl, Julia Jeans, Bend, OR
Charlotte's Web, Catherine Gainer, Portland, OR

Charlotte's Web details
Folksy Fish details
Folksy Fish, Sarah Sharp, Carmel, IN

Me And My Sisters, Renee Miles, Yakima, WA
Me And My Sisters details (love the wonky churn-dash!)
I failed to get the quilter's info on this one. I love the read hand stitching.
It was an extremely hot day.  We had to have some refreshments. I had sorbet, while Shannan and Donna had ice cream.  We met everyone down across from the tasty freeze where we relaxed a little, then went our separate ways again.  Katy drove all the way from Boise this morning, then went off and had a disastrous gluten attack after attempting to have lunch, so she left us around 2:00.  Shannan, Donna, and I walked through the vendor tents, where there was, what?, more fabric?  Donna bought me a yard of gold cat fabric! Naughty Donna! But it is fabulous fabric!  Sometime on our trip Shannan also gave me a fat quarter.  I have the best friends!  Well, we finally got a table at the diner, where Shannan and I managed to spill two waters and flood the table top.  We are visions of grace and beauty.
       I believe we were all exhausted after a day of walking around enjoying quilts, shops, and each others' company.  We freshened up and went to the Craft Kitchen & Brew Pub for dinner in the beer garden.  The BBQ Bib was fabulous and raves were made about the shrimp and grits.  After we got back to the motel, Daria and I took a walk and found the, very nearby, GF McKay's restaurant, where we have planned to have breakfast with the gang in the morning. We walked on further to a walking path into a park an across a foot bridge.  We witnessed a lovely sunset and moon rise.
    Next morning, fabulous breakfast. I had the stuffed French toast. My last for a long time.  We talked and talked, having such good company.  We finally departed our motel, and proceeded to the last quilt store in Bend.  I stayed outside and did not buy a single thing.  I got an A+++.  We departed with happy quilters all around and drove back to Boise, while Nancy diligently made hexagons in the back seat..

Friday, June 30, 2017

Quilt For No One In Particular

I purchased a Jelly Roll at the Twin Falls Quilt Show, in Filer, Idaho, in April.  The fabric is by Moda and called the The Ladies Quilting Club.  I got it because, from what I could see, the colors were bright and the price was right; $27.00.  I made the Dani Jo quilt from it, then used the rest of the strips in this quilt.
What's on the design wall in June??
I had a piece of batting left over from the Dani Jo quilt.  Once this one was pieced, I still had plenty of room all the way around, so I added more of the strips for a second border.  I really like how it turned out.
'For no one in particular' looks
particularly stunning in our make-shift garden

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dani Jo's Baby Quilt

I completed the baby quilt for Dani Jo, who is just over three week old.  Her mom, Tammy, is bringing her for a visit sometime this week and I have her quilt all ready for her.
Mrs. Carpender, of Empire Way, let me hang the
Dani Jo quilt in her back yard so I could get a good
photo of it.  Her property was in the Boise Garden Tour.
I also took a close-up shot so you can see some the details.  Mrs. Carpender's yard was done up in 40s-50s and quilts theme.  We had a lovely time on the garden tour.  I was so glad I brought the quilt along and obtained some photos in a different setting.  Thank you, Mrs. Carpender.
cute bunnies fabric I got at the Twin Falls Quilt Show in April, part of a
jelly-roll, bubbles, and words fabrics make a wonderful design.

I got this darling backing fabric at the Craft Warehouse!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Country Nine-Patch

I got the binding on this wonderful little number, on May 31.  It turned out a little scrappy and a lot fun! Brooklyn and her parents just adore it. My mission has been accomplished!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stippling on the old Necchi

stippling a quilt for Brooklyn
It has been a very busy few weeks.  I had to get back into the swing of things here and catch up on a few things before I found time to do fun in my quilt room.  Friday night, I got the quilt sandwiched.  Last night I got it all quilted on the old Necchi sewing machine.  I had not free motion quilted on my regular machine in quite some time.  It did not turn out half bad.  The only white thread I had was a big spool that won't let the thread out easy on the machine, so I went and found my whirly-gig stand, but the metal post in the center was too long.  I put a tp roll on the post first to help hold the thread spool out further.  Then it needed to be on an angle, so I placed it on a folded piece of skid material and leaned it on my lamp.  I needed a clamp to make it stay, so I went into the garage and found an old moving rubber band that already had a knot tied in it.  It was perfect.  It looks funky, but it really works and is out of the way of my quilt as I feed it through the machine.

my large spool holder for non-tightening thread
The quilt turned out real cute. It has a number of scrap fabrics in it, and some knitting sheep, cooking chickens, and the backing has knitting chickens.  My husband picked out the black and white bird fabric to break up the business.  I will post a photo when I get the binding on. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the week!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I am back from Korea and Japan!

I had a wonderful two week trip.  I have so much to do now that I am back.  But here is a photo of the fabrics I purchased at Dongdaemun Textile and Craft Market.
This is the canal park right next to the
textile market in Seoul.
the fabrics I bought
 Yes, it appears to be not much fabric.  It turns out they have a minimum 3-yard cut.  The left one is 3 yards and the right one is 6 yards. The one on the right was in a sale stack and you have to buy the entire piece, however, it was only $2000 won per yard (approx. $2.00 per yard). It is good fabric and was a great buy!