Sunday, November 1, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel

Dalek fabric and coordinating fabrics in new kitchen.
No, Light at the End of the Tunnel is not a quilt block or quilting pattern, that I know of.  I have been going great guns on fixing up the house, so I have not started the project that this fabric is for.  My cutting table has been taken over with other stuff, however, I have stacked some quilt tops and table runners on one end. Ebony has chosen this stack to be her new napping place.  I am thankful that Google has graciously allowed me to log back into my own blog. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doc Brown vs. The Doctor

Happy October 21, 2015!  Things have been crazy and busy around here. I want to weigh in on the "Back to the Future" thing.  Doc Brown was pretty good, but a bit careless. Sometimes The Doctor is a bit careless.  Both of them had companions to help them succeed in their endeavors.  I believe the hi-jinx of Marty McFly and his nemesis Biff were not really going to impact the Earth and the Universe as much as those of Rose and Martha and the Daleks and Cybermen. But how can we compare a movie trio with a long lasting television program?  I think Marty McFly was awesome as the unexpected time traveler. Those stories are the best! Just look at Dent in the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy.  For an American time travel production, "Back to the Future" has my vote. For British, The Doc rocks!!

Sorry, nothing on the quilting front. We are preparing our house to go on the market and this place is a mess. Also, no time for quilting.  I will get my fix in November at the mini-retreat in Eagle. Yeah! Mini-retreat!  I hope!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!  As soon as I get the Dalik pillow case sewed up, I will post a photo!  I could post a photo of our remodeled kitchen . . .hmmmm.

On the subject of 1985 vs 2015 there was a lot of things we did not have back then.  But, if you don't have them, you don't miss them. I had a 35mm camera, now I have a digital camera. We did not have e-mail and no blogs at all! So, I would not have cared that it took a week to get my photos developed before I could post them on a non-existent blog.  OMG!  I found the best Halloween fabric to go with the Dalek fabric!  I will take a digital photo and post it to my totally existing blog!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


This is a lovely color combination, you don't
usually see in licensed fabrics.
I am planning on making my daughter a pillow case with this fanciful sci-fi fabric.  She thinks this is awesome Dalek fabric! I will have some left over to put in a quilt.  I was being good and staying away from the quilt and fabric shops, then sent me their weekly e-mail, which I have been successful at deleting, however, the subject line mentioned Dr. Who fabric and I could not resist a little peek.  That is all it took!  A few days later this envelope of fabric just happened to arrive in my mail box!  Who'd a thunk it?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's on the Design Wall in September??

I am making a new small quilt that I will be displaying on the quilt shelf that I made many years ago. The quilt shelf is mounted on our living room wall, and it has the first quilt I ever made hanging from it.  I want to put that one away for awhile and put something fresh up.  After all, we are doing a major 'fresh up' on our house.  There is a cute quick, does-not-have-to-be-perfect quilt design in the book: pretty little mini quilts by Lark Books.
I am using all the same solid fabric on the two corners of each block to keep it simple yet popping!  I just love this large print bird fabric, so I did some math to figure how big my blocks should be to have enough for impact yet keep it small enough for my wall quilt shelf.  I can hardly wait to sew on it some more!

top photo: 5.5" blocks
lower photo: blocks rearranged a tad, and triangles added
I may need to tweak the arrangement a little.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Council Quilt Show Challenge Blocks

My husband drove me and T up to the Council (Idaho) Quilt Show on Friday, July 3.  We had a fine time.  We enjoyed the trip and the show.  I had paid for two of the challenge blocks last year, and I mailed them to the show in June.  They were very boring blocks indeed.  I did see the display at the show and did see the new fabric and the theme for next year.  Next year's them is "Into the Woods".  I did not purchase any of the challenge blocks for next year's show.  A week after we attended the show, I received a little package in the mail, from Council.  Hmmmmm.  I opened it up and it was three pieces of challenge fabric for the Into the Woods challenge blocks.  I did not pay for these. Why would they send me more challenge fabric when the ones I submitted before were the most boring bland blocks in the entire challenge block display of 2015?   Well, I believe they played their cards right.  1)  this fabric is very versatile and 2) the theme is much more open to the imagination and piecing abilities. 
     Here is what I do when I have two or three challenge fabric pieces to work with.  I use the first piece to cut the largest chunks for my blocks, then I used the second piece for the next largest, etc.  Then after the blocks I need to get done are finished (in this case three), I have scraps that I can use to make one more!   I have finished four challenge blocks for the Council Quilt Show next year.  I am getting ready to mail them in and be done with it.  I suppose I should include payment for the blocks, even though I did not request them.  Here we go:
This is the challenge fabric for 2016
I had this cross-section of tree trunks fabric in my stash
and decided it went well for a simple woodsy pinwheel block.
This boot block is my new favorite, and decided I could adapt
it to the "Into the Woods" theme.
I saw the play "Into The Woods" years ago at BSU.  I remember
it had Rapunzel in it and Megan Tucker, but I don't remember much else.
So here is my Rapunzel block.
I seem to be queen of wonky houses, so I decided to use the scraps
to do a wonky cabin block.  I could find no Fairy Tale subjects in
my stash, so I decided on the Tin Man and his cabin in the woods.
 There is nothing boring about my challenge block entries for the 2016 Council Quilt Show.

Monday, August 17, 2015

More Lovely Quilts From The Kuna Quilt Show

Here are some more of my favorites from the quilt show:
Caryl Venable's lovely hand-embroidered quilt
Close-up of hand embroidered quilt
Arlie Coppinger's lovely roses quilt
Close-up of roses blocks
Kattie Payne's adorable foxy quilt
Bobbie Saylor's fabulous butterfly quilt

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kuna Quilt Show Was Awesome!

The Kuna Quilt Show, on August 1 and 2, was fabulous!  Lots of incredible quilts.  Well done all you quilters that contributed to the Kuna Quilt Show!  It was my pleasure to do the stage set-up reflecting the theme that was chosen for the 2016 show, so we know what to look forward to.  Thank-you to T, who helped me with the stage set-up.  I also helped a little with the Challenge Block area, and I did quilt monitoring on both Saturday and Sunday.  If it weren't for the lure of tasty pulled pork on Sunday (hospitality suite), I might not come in as early on Sundays. 
I took this at a low angle to capture the scrappy bunting, scraps on
stage, the signage, and a tad of scrap quilts behind.
I want to include some photos of my favorite quilts at the show.  The problem is, there were so many fabulous quilts it is hard to narrow it down for my blog.  I will put a few on today and then add some in the next few days, or make a whole new link for those fabulous quilt photos.
Beautiful Houses-Unknown

Impressive shells -Janet Garland

NYC -Lorinda Howe

Perfectly delightful  -Phyllis Oneal

Dresden plate  -Shirley Franken