Saturday, September 27, 2014

Never Enough Time To Just Quilt or Sew

I did get all my Japanese blocks sewed together, but then I was waiting for the Lucky Cat fabric to arrive from Japan.  My daughter helped me find this fabulous fabric on-line. I ordered it for the inside border of my quilt.  It arrived yesterday.  Earlier this month, I was getting ready for my daughter, and her kitty, to visit from Missouri. They arrived on the 14th and we had to give special attention to get both kitties on the track to living together.  Merlinda and Ebony are both females and we think this could be a little more difficult than other combinations of cats.  Ebony is staying calm, but Merlinda keeps having hissy fits.  We finally have the door between them wedged open an inch. Merlinda does not want to even come down the hall to it's vicinity.  We will continue taking our time.  My daughter flew back to Missouri on the 21st. I really miss her. We had the most wonderful time while she was here. 

The amusing thing is that when my husband saw this photo, he thought it was one of my stuffed kitty pillows!  Can you see the resemblance?!!
I made this one in 2001.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What is on the Design Wall in September???

I got that little bit of doll quilt that was remaining on the design wall, last month, all pieced together.  It is ready for me to quilt, but you know the story.  So, all the block for my Japanese quilt are on the design wall now.  I see where I need to rearrange them a little bit, then I can get down to the business of sewing them all together.  This is going to be completely different from what I usually create.  I have been preoccupied, these last few weeks, with yard work and getting my spare room, which is my office, cleaned up and sorted out, so it can be the personal territory of a visiting kitty cat.  Ebony is my daughter's cat, and she will be staying with us for about 7 months, while my daughter is deployed overseas.  I have been working out strategies to help my sweet Merlinda, the Ninja Cat, and Ebony to become acquainted with out too much fur flying.  This will be interesting.  If not for that (of course, I always have a reason), I would have that Japanese quilt all finished by now!! Of course!
So naturally, last weekend I took a little break from yard work and cleaning and found, in my stash, a nice piece of pink flannel with cats on it, and made a fabulous bag for a friend's un-sister.  I lined it with regular cotton pink fabric.  Her un-sister love's it.  Yeahhhh!!  That's what it is all about.