Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts

Mary's "snack bag" and Phyllis' "goodie bag"
I made two more bags, as I had people I wanted to give them to.  I admit, I do enjoy sewing these silly useful little bags with one easy strap across the top.  These are instant gratification projects. They take alot less time to complete than a quilt.  I did complete a quilt top in January, but I don't know when I will get it quilted, since I am cleaning up my quilt room. Right now it looks like a bomb exploded in there.  Here is the quilt top I finished.  I used the "15 Minutes of Play" method of "made fabric" to make this quilt top.  I love it.
    Victoria  Findlay Wolfe is the author of the book "15 Minutes of Play".  It is a terrific way to use scraps, so you can stay away from the fabric store a bit and save your budget.  I really do want to use some of my stash, so I am trying to shop in my own fabric collection.  I am the first to admit there are lots of awesome fabric designers out there today and those fabrics are tough to resist.  I made list and I am sticking to it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Weekend!

Yeah! All commitments are off.  I am staying put. I already got so much done! I stayed up until 12:10 this morning, then went to bed and got up at 8:45; greeted the kitty, took a shower, did dishes and a load of laundry, while the kitty went out to play in the snow.  Now she is back in and lead me right to my office (spare bedroom) where I thought she wanted my company while she showed me she was going to jump up on my desk and thus onto the window sill for further snow watching. But NO! She is all purry and wants hugs and pets and lots of attention.  She is on the right arm of my chair, between me and chair back, on the left arm, face poised 1/16th of an inch above my keyboard. That is her body language for "If you don't pet me right now, I will be stepping all over the keyboard." 
  The trouble with snow days is, I have sooo much to do and how to choose?
Well, tidy up is a must.  Then, oh my gosh! Monday is the 10th, so next week must be Valentine's Day already!  I have at least two and now I thought of a third person, whom I am making snack bags for for V-Day.  So, in about a half hour, I will resume completion of the two I have started while thinking about what fabrics to use for the third. 
   Anyway, in November I started making fun house blocks.  I finally have nine made, but one doesn't count because it is a Challenge Block for the quilt show next August.  So, I need to make one more. But I love making these so I must make several more, if not many.  Here is a sneak preview.