Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Is it August already?

The Kuna Quilt Show is over already!  We planned, we planned, we arrived and set up and did the whole thing and took it down on Sunday afternoon, and now it is over.  blah.  It is quite like Christmas. 
The quality, of the quilts, was outstanding. I was having difficulty deciding which quilt to vote for in each category; except my own, of course.
In the theme category: Crazy for Color, my husband said to me, "I like Helen Clapp's quilt the best, but I voted for yours, because I helped pay for the fabric."  Isn't that sweet?  Speaking of irony, the quilter's definition is: not wrinkly.
Well, what is next year's theme for the Kuna Quilt Show?  I am so glad you asked:
I made this banner (& stand) for the stage display, announcing next year's theme.
See you can't even tell that the letters are not hand appliqued!