Saturday, June 28, 2014

Council, Idaho, Annual Quilt Show

I went to the Council Quilt Show today, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  They had the friendliest people there and some wonderful quilts.  They, like many quilt shows, have "Challenge Blocks", but their challenge blocks have to be made to reflect the theme of the show. Their theme for 2014 is "Life on the Farm", and all the challenge blocks reflected that well.  I did notice they apparently do not have a requirement on how much of the challenge material must be used in the blocks, as one with a goat only had the nostrils made from the challenge fabric. It must have been a lot of fun. They had a student category, but only two quilts entered. But what fantastic quilts they were! They were made by High School students, and they were big, like queen size, and just wonderful.
The red & black fabric is the challenge fabric. This is the block I voted for.
I took a photo of my most favorite quilt in the show. Quilt name is Scrappy. It was pieced by Lillian Taylor, a Hornet Creek resident, in 1957. It was hand-quilted by Sally Cole in 2014. It was stored in a barrel for 55 years after the quilt top was given to Lillian Taylor's grandson, Lee Cole, when he was 25 years old.  Sally Cole saved it and finished it, and she plans to give it to one of Lillian's great-great or 3X great grand children.  I love the story. It is wonderful that Sally completed this wonderful quilt.
I love the old fabrics and the free-style piecing.
Sally Cole hand-quilted each block with a diamond in a square pattern.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Purple Majesty

Letters sewn down, border sewn on, now I need to sandwich and quilt. I am making progress on this banner.  I call it a banner, because it will be announcing the 2015 Quilt Show Theme for the Kuna Quilt Show. I am also going to make a stand to display it on. That is the part I can hardly wait for. I do so want to make that stand!  Where does my passion lie?

Friday, June 13, 2014

What's On The Design Wall in June?

Lot of fabric sharing going on. That fine Robert Kaufman accounting fabric caught Cindy's eye.  Teresa gave it to me. I took it to Cindy, down at the Pharmacy last Saturday afternoon. We swapped. I gave her the accounting fabric, which she is giving to her sister, and she gave me the purple majesty sky fabric for my banner at the quilt show. I am making a banner announcing the theme of the 2015 Kuna Quilt Show. The theme is "Purple Majesty."  The show is in six weeks, so I got started last Saturday and have it this far by today, Friday.  Yeah! Isn't that sky fabric fabulous?
  I just have to sew down the letters, add the border, sandwich, quilt, and bind.  It is not so very big, so it will not be too difficult.