Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Newly Painted Old Cabinet and Smashing Roses!

Hi all!  I have been very busy, but have made progress in a little bit of the quilting area of my life.  T helped me move my metal cabinet from my workshop into my husband's empty workshop, where I took a couple hours to be creative with some spray paint.  I painted it white, with pink and yellow accents.  This last Saturday, T and R helped me moved my newly painted cabinet into the new house; into my quilting room.  I managed to get five boxes emptied this last weekend and it is starting to get organized.  T helped me put up my design wall next to my newly painted old metal cabinet.  Right now that blue flannel quilt that I am growing is on my wonky houses quilt on the other wall.  I want to see my wonky houses quilt and not have other quilts being designed on top of it.
     Last Saturday after getting the cabinet situated, T and I went to Quilt Expressions and ran amok!  We found the coolest fabrics to use in our dog quilts and more! I have nothing on my freshly hung design wall yet, but I am working on a wall hanging for someone in the Idaho PieceMakerS group, from their orphan block.  I took a photo, so I can show it off on my blog. It is ready to be quilted, laid out on the backing and batting. I plan on having it done by Sunday.   
The big block in the center is the orphan block that
I added to.  The only fabric I could find that went
with that red diamond in the center are the roses;
and what a smashing match!