Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rustic Bird Wallhanging Completed

It is completed at last.  I finally finished whip-stitching the casing on the back, for hanging.  It looks very nice hanging in the entry way of the new place.  I made it specifically for the quilt shelf that it is hanging from.  I made the quilt shelf many years ago, and it has only been used for two other quilts. The quilt shelf measures 37.5" across and 4" deep.  The bird quilt is 30" across.  This is brief, as I need to get back to putting everything to rights in one of the rooms in our new place.  No, it is not the quilting room. That one must wait.
The idea behind the block pattern is from the book:
pretty little mini quilts, by Lark Books.  I just enlarged
the block size and use bird fabric!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel

Dalek fabric and coordinating fabrics in new kitchen.
No, Light at the End of the Tunnel is not a quilt block or quilting pattern, that I know of.  I have been going great guns on fixing up the house, so I have not started the project that this fabric is for.  My cutting table has been taken over with other stuff, however, I have stacked some quilt tops and table runners on one end. Ebony has chosen this stack to be her new napping place.  I am thankful that Google has graciously allowed me to log back into my own blog. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doc Brown vs. The Doctor

Happy October 21, 2015!  Things have been crazy and busy around here. I want to weigh in on the "Back to the Future" thing.  Doc Brown was pretty good, but a bit careless. Sometimes The Doctor is a bit careless.  Both of them had companions to help them succeed in their endeavors.  I believe the hi-jinx of Marty McFly and his nemesis Biff were not really going to impact the Earth and the Universe as much as those of Rose and Martha and the Daleks and Cybermen. But how can we compare a movie trio with a long lasting television program?  I think Marty McFly was awesome as the unexpected time traveler. Those stories are the best! Just look at Dent in the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy.  For an American time travel production, "Back to the Future" has my vote. For British, The Doc rocks!!

Sorry, nothing on the quilting front. We are preparing our house to go on the market and this place is a mess. Also, no time for quilting.  I will get my fix in November at the mini-retreat in Eagle. Yeah! Mini-retreat!  I hope!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!  As soon as I get the Dalik pillow case sewed up, I will post a photo!  I could post a photo of our remodeled kitchen . . .hmmmm.

On the subject of 1985 vs 2015 there was a lot of things we did not have back then.  But, if you don't have them, you don't miss them. I had a 35mm camera, now I have a digital camera. We did not have e-mail and no blogs at all! So, I would not have cared that it took a week to get my photos developed before I could post them on a non-existent blog.  OMG!  I found the best Halloween fabric to go with the Dalek fabric!  I will take a digital photo and post it to my totally existing blog!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


This is a lovely color combination, you don't
usually see in licensed fabrics.
I am planning on making my daughter a pillow case with this fanciful sci-fi fabric.  She thinks this is awesome Dalek fabric! I will have some left over to put in a quilt.  I was being good and staying away from the quilt and fabric shops, then sent me their weekly e-mail, which I have been successful at deleting, however, the subject line mentioned Dr. Who fabric and I could not resist a little peek.  That is all it took!  A few days later this envelope of fabric just happened to arrive in my mail box!  Who'd a thunk it?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's on the Design Wall in September??

I am making a new small quilt that I will be displaying on the quilt shelf that I made many years ago. The quilt shelf is mounted on our living room wall, and it has the first quilt I ever made hanging from it.  I want to put that one away for awhile and put something fresh up.  After all, we are doing a major 'fresh up' on our house.  There is a cute quick, does-not-have-to-be-perfect quilt design in the book: pretty little mini quilts by Lark Books.
I am using all the same solid fabric on the two corners of each block to keep it simple yet popping!  I just love this large print bird fabric, so I did some math to figure how big my blocks should be to have enough for impact yet keep it small enough for my wall quilt shelf.  I can hardly wait to sew on it some more!

top photo: 5.5" blocks
lower photo: blocks rearranged a tad, and triangles added
I may need to tweak the arrangement a little.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Council Quilt Show Challenge Blocks

My husband drove me and T up to the Council (Idaho) Quilt Show on Friday, July 3.  We had a fine time.  We enjoyed the trip and the show.  I had paid for two of the challenge blocks last year, and I mailed them to the show in June.  They were very boring blocks indeed.  I did see the display at the show and did see the new fabric and the theme for next year.  Next year's them is "Into the Woods".  I did not purchase any of the challenge blocks for next year's show.  A week after we attended the show, I received a little package in the mail, from Council.  Hmmmmm.  I opened it up and it was three pieces of challenge fabric for the Into the Woods challenge blocks.  I did not pay for these. Why would they send me more challenge fabric when the ones I submitted before were the most boring bland blocks in the entire challenge block display of 2015?   Well, I believe they played their cards right.  1)  this fabric is very versatile and 2) the theme is much more open to the imagination and piecing abilities. 
     Here is what I do when I have two or three challenge fabric pieces to work with.  I use the first piece to cut the largest chunks for my blocks, then I used the second piece for the next largest, etc.  Then after the blocks I need to get done are finished (in this case three), I have scraps that I can use to make one more!   I have finished four challenge blocks for the Council Quilt Show next year.  I am getting ready to mail them in and be done with it.  I suppose I should include payment for the blocks, even though I did not request them.  Here we go:
This is the challenge fabric for 2016
I had this cross-section of tree trunks fabric in my stash
and decided it went well for a simple woodsy pinwheel block.
This boot block is my new favorite, and decided I could adapt
it to the "Into the Woods" theme.
I saw the play "Into The Woods" years ago at BSU.  I remember
it had Rapunzel in it and Megan Tucker, but I don't remember much else.
So here is my Rapunzel block.
I seem to be queen of wonky houses, so I decided to use the scraps
to do a wonky cabin block.  I could find no Fairy Tale subjects in
my stash, so I decided on the Tin Man and his cabin in the woods.
 There is nothing boring about my challenge block entries for the 2016 Council Quilt Show.

Monday, August 17, 2015

More Lovely Quilts From The Kuna Quilt Show

Here are some more of my favorites from the quilt show:
Caryl Venable's lovely hand-embroidered quilt
Close-up of hand embroidered quilt
Arlie Coppinger's lovely roses quilt
Close-up of roses blocks
Kattie Payne's adorable foxy quilt
Bobbie Saylor's fabulous butterfly quilt

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kuna Quilt Show Was Awesome!

The Kuna Quilt Show, on August 1 and 2, was fabulous!  Lots of incredible quilts.  Well done all you quilters that contributed to the Kuna Quilt Show!  It was my pleasure to do the stage set-up reflecting the theme that was chosen for the 2016 show, so we know what to look forward to.  Thank-you to T, who helped me with the stage set-up.  I also helped a little with the Challenge Block area, and I did quilt monitoring on both Saturday and Sunday.  If it weren't for the lure of tasty pulled pork on Sunday (hospitality suite), I might not come in as early on Sundays. 
I took this at a low angle to capture the scrappy bunting, scraps on
stage, the signage, and a tad of scrap quilts behind.
I want to include some photos of my favorite quilts at the show.  The problem is, there were so many fabulous quilts it is hard to narrow it down for my blog.  I will put a few on today and then add some in the next few days, or make a whole new link for those fabulous quilt photos.
Beautiful Houses-Unknown

Impressive shells -Janet Garland

NYC -Lorinda Howe

Perfectly delightful  -Phyllis Oneal

Dresden plate  -Shirley Franken

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blog readers and followers get what they want

Alright, alright!  I have received a few comments on some of the posts on my blog.  Thank you very much.  I do believe I will pick up the pace again soon.  Meanwhile, yes, there is a good backside on the Scrap Happy Quilt featured on my previous post.  I suppose I could have taken a photo of it and claimed it was an entirely different quilt!  I had a good time doing scrappy experiments this last spring, when I should have been serious about getting my liberated houses quilt finished.  But you know I get something started and have a good time, then something else catches my fancy and I am off in another direction before finishing the last project.  I did get my liberated houses quilt finished two weeks ago, just in time to enter it in the Kuna Quilt Show.  This scrap happy quilt has a scrappy fun back on it!  It does indicate that I have been using up some of my stash.  The next person who gives me fabric is going to get it!  I have so much fabric, it is getting quite out of control!  Unfortunately, making small scrappy quilts does not make much of a dent in the scraps or stash department.  Here is the backside of the scrap happy quilt I finally got quilted and bound last week:
Those are suns and moons outlining the flag & USA.
I have to go do the dishes or vacuum my desk now. TTFN

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quilt Announcing Next Year's Quilt Show Theme!

Yes! I have been extraordinarily busy! I finished my liberated houses quilt, and submitted it for entry in the upcoming Kuna Quilt Show (Aug 1 & 2), in Kuna, ID.  Then I worked real hard and finished quilting the one announcing the theme for 2016.  It will be in the show also.  Here it is! 
I really dug through my scraps to make this puppy!
Most of the scraps are from past quilting projects, however, some are those left in my scrap bin by others during quilting retreats. The butterfly blocks in the corners belonged to T, while the aqua and coffee prints belonged to M.  There is some pink, that I have no idea where it came from!  The 49er bit was a scrap my Mom saved from the quilt she and I made for my daughter when she graduated from high school in 2000.  This small quilt is not just scrappy but a memory quilt, too!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Merlinda is Missing!

Sorry for the delay since my last posting. Things have been very busy, at work, at home, a week in NYC, then company; all very exciting stuff! Then one bad thing happened and I can't get motivated to write or be creative with my blog.  Merlinda is missing.  We have not seen her since Friday evening, June 19.  How can I write on my blog, knowing my star photo hog is missing?  Her 10th birthday is coming up in August. I hope that a miracle happens and she is brought back to us.  We have registered her as missing at the Humane Society, Simply Cats, and Craig's List.  I have checked at the Humane Society almost everyday since we have not seen her. I posted flyers and talked with the neighbors. I hope someone finds her. She hates fireworks and I fear for her over the next few days.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Saturn V Wallhanging (aka mini-quilt)

This is a mini-quilt.  I got my inspiration from a sweet little book with lots of techniques for making mini-quilts:  pretty little mini quilts, published by Lark Books, featuring 25 quilt projects by various designers.  What I like most about the book is all the instructions, including optional binding methods and using embroidery as the actual quilting method.  One of them has French knots all around the edge of the quilt, which inspired me to use French knots as my quilting in the blue outer-space portion of my mini-quilt.  I tied each knot on one of the tiny white squares, so you can't even see them unless you get right up close.  I pieced the entire top, then stitched in the ditch on the rocket and on the curves of the planet and moon. I also ran some wavy stitching across the planet, and since the scrap of fabric I found for the planet has stitches as part of the fabric design, you really can't see the ones I added.  I used white embroidery floss to show the exhaust from the thrusters.  My Saturn V mini-quilt measures 18.25" X 19" finished.  I hope you like it!
For those of you not familiar with the Saturn V rocket,
this is not to scale.  It is my interpretation.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fun Red and Blue Baby Quilt

About three years ago, I was looking at some quilting blogs and found a darling pink and white baby quilt that had an asymmetrical design.  I thought it was interesting and different and decided I would like to try making it.  I, eventually, used scraps from previous little boy baby quilts, to make the blocks and red border.  After I completed the top, it drifted around my quilting room for a couple years, before Teresa inspired me to use that gargantuan rick-rack that you find at quilt shops.  I guesstimated how much I would need and bought a bunch of red rick-rack.   I let Teresa do hers first, so I could learn from her mistakes.  I did forget that she rounded the corners on hers, until after I had cut mine after sewing it down one side. Too late now!  I used some dark blue flannel rocket ship fabric that I have had for 10 years.  After I turned it and whip-stitched the opening shut, I smoothed it out and pinned it all over, then I stitched-in-the-ditch and stitched two straight lines lengthwise on the blue fields that are on two sides.  It won't shift around and looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.
pinned it before quilting it with stitch-in-the-ditch
About the guesstimated rick-rack: I had 3 inches left over.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

What Is On The Design Wall In May?

I finally went to Home Fabrics and got some flannel backed vinyl to make my new improved design wall.  I took my flannel quilt down and got my new design wall up.  It is big enough to really lay out my liberated houses.  I have all the house blocks up, and most of the sashing up. I ran out of my cute little car fabric.  I needed just enough to do three more city blocks of roadway.  I called four quilt shops and visited two today. I found more of the black with white dashed lines at Quilt Expressions, so I bought the rest of the bolt. I had high hopes that Nancy's would have some, but I cannot get a hold of her.  My Husqvarna is in the shop, so I don't want to start sewing my rows together yet, as I don't think the quarter inch on this Necchi will be the same.  I want to sew them all on the same machine to avoid any sashing-matching-up issues.  I did design the outside sections this morning and pieced my grain silos that are going next to the rail road tracks. 

Yes, I only discovered I need grain silos this morning.  It is going to be awesome, but I have to really get to work on it, so I can have it completed before I go to NYC in June.  I am soooo excited!  I should have my Husqvarna back Monday after work.  Yeah!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Photos of the Reverse Around the World Quilt

I went over to Teresa's house last evening and she allowed me to take photos of the RATW quilt that I gave her for her birthday. She has the most adorable place, and it was refreshing to photograph a quilt in a different setting than my quilt room that has a bunch of junk stacked in it. 

Sid Mooney did the quilting on this quilt. The back shows the pattern better
than the bright fabrics on the front of the quilt.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Reverse Around the World is Finished!

I completed the Reverse Around the World quilt on April 12.  I took some poor quality photos before giving it to a friend. So, I am not posting a photo yet.  I will see if I can get a better photo.  It is 80 degrees outside and I just want to be outside, but it is my budget and bills night, so I will be doing those shortly.  I need to get back to my Liberated Houses, now that this RATW quilt is done, but I started a mini-quilt with my version of the Saturn V rocket on it and I think I can finish it up pretty quick, if given the chance.  But so many things are tugging at me for my attention. And gee, I have to work. Blah!
   Just remember the Saturn V rocket was holey-cow tall and looked tall and slender.  Since this is a mini quilt, my version is rather on the stubby side. It is not to scale, except maybe the thrusters.  Maybe another time.  I am using fabrics that I already have on hand, which makes it even more fun!  It is still in the layout and design process, but not far away from a couple cuts and few seams and then presto!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exclusive Apparatus

Well, sometimes it pays to visit your mother. I was over visiting tonight and she said she had been going through the drawers in her old sewing machine and she had found an apparatus, and perhaps I would like to have it.  It was strange that she did not call it a thing-a-ma-bob or something similar.  It is indeed an apparatus.  We agreed that it is an exclusive apparatus, since we doubt that we know anyone else who has one.  I am sure there may be a few out there, but these things are old and not flaunted.  Of course there are new versions of this same thing available, even locally at The Cotton Club, but it is rare to see such an old specimen; and yes that is true of my mother, also.  I kind of want to put a smiley face here. :)  There.  If anyone knows the true nomenclature of this item, please leave me a comment.
It is old and the plug looks a tad on the unsafe side.
It is to add light to your sewing machine, but the machine must have a thin neck like those old Singers and Whites.  I don't think it will help my Husqvarna!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Reverse Around The World Update

Here is a lovely photo of the quilt top. I don't know what an Around the World quilt looks like, but this is a Reverse Around the World quilt.  I actually got the top done in February. I have retrieved it from Sid the Wonder Quilter and now I have to get the binding on there.  I hope to have it done in approximately one week from now.  Don't time me, please!
Ebony gives this one her stamp of approval!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Words and Pictures

I completed a small quilted project in March. Yeah! Go me!  I need a Please be quiet! sign at my office so I quilted one.  This is my 'be quiet' sign.  It only just occurred to me I should have used blinding pink or something.

I could go on about my laundry closet remodel, but I think I will just keep it short today.  I admit the size of this photo makes it difficult to view the details.  I did put a casing on the back, should I decide to hang it that way.  A yard stick would work just fine, since the length of this is approx. 33 inches.  I will be using rare earth magnets to attach it to the glass window at my office.  I have decided to add another photo so you can see the pieced Phoebe in the center block.  I tried doing this because of the wonderful quilts in "Collaborative Quilting" that had pieced people in it.  "Collaborative Quilting" is a book by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Piecing Rocks!

Right now this is all I have on the design wall.  But of course, it is on the little design wall not the one with the fish on it.  The pattern for the letter 's' I found in Yoko Saito's book House Warming Patch Work.  She has instructions and patterns for the entire alphabet in her book along with charming crabs, scissors, fish, houses, and other darling things.  This bit of scrappy fun is going to be the back of my Scrap Happy quilt.  I have had this sun and moon fabric for a couple years and am happy to be able to use a little bit of it here. 
    I am in the middle of renovating our laundry room, so getting this finished up quickly is unlikely. Most of the work is done, but I must avoid having the fun of getting this done right away.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spock Block

I have been working diligently on my Scrap Happy quilt for announcing the 2016 theme for the Kuna Quilt Show. [August 1-2, 2015, at Kuna High School]  Leonard Nimoy passed away only a couple weeks ago. I have some fab Star Trek fabric and a few bits and tads of it here and there.  I found one with a piece that had only Spock on it. I fussy cut it and did one exploding pineapple around it.  I tried several different backgrounds for the final bit of the block.  I think the balance in this b&w fabric is perfect, and the fact that it looks like moons, suns, and planets clinched the deal.  I hope you like it! The block is in my Scrap Happy quilt.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

What is on the design wall in March?!!!

I have been very busy. The theme for the 2016 Kuna Quilt Show was voted on at the last Idaho PieceMakerS meeting.  The theme is "Scrap Happy".  I can say no more. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's on the Design Wall in February?

My scrappy American flag tops, on my flannel design wall.
It already came and went!  Back in 2011, I made a spumoni quilt and had some strips left over.  I decided to use them and make another strip quilt, but a little wider, so I added a crazy border around it.  I put the strips on the design wall the evening of Feb. 20. The next day they were all sewed together and on Sunday, Feb. 22, I sewed on the border.  The was done in three days.  I waited until Wednesday night to go get backing fabric. Wednesday night at the Craft Warehouse they have happy hour and 40% off one cut of fabric, so I got 5 yards a 40% off.  In the mean-time, I used some scraps to make scrappy American Flag wall hangings.  I got the tops of two done.  Those are now on the design wall, just to inspire me to make more. They are so much fun!!
quikie quilt top

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's A New Day!

I Skype with my daughter on Sunday mornings. We sometimes talk serious, but we really like laughing so we, many times, keep it light.  We both say some silly things.  I seem to be doing and saying many silly things lately.  One thing about me is: I tend to do more than one thing at once, and that is where trouble begins.  For example, last weekend at the mini-quilting retreat, I was so happy to have people over, that I was having a wonderful time chatting with everyone. I was doing this while starting my  project for the day.  I had turned on the iron, and I had turned on my sewing machine.  I did not set the settings on my machine, but was blathering instead. I pinned my two strips of fabric together and sewed them. I sewed another strip of fabric on. Then I noticed my needle was not in the correct place to be sewing a quarter inch seam.  I ripped out my first two seems, then proceed to sew the first one again, but I had not reset the needle position.  I had to rip it out yet again.  At that point, I quit talking, focused, and finally set my needle to the right place.  That was an excellent waste of the first thirty minutes of the mini-quilting retreat.
     Two weekends ago, I was with a friend at Ceramica.  I was talking and not focusing on my actions.  I drank all but 1/2 inch of the water in which we had been cleaning our brushes, before I realized I was not drinking from my water bottle.  The gal who works there said, "Well, you got all your minerals for the day!"
    I must stop this chattering, when I am supposed to be focused on something else!  Today, I am taking a plastic ruler to put in the rinse water tumbler at Ceramica, so I do not repeat my former nutrient taking  behavior.  I had thought about not sharing this on my blog. My husband told me that I should not share just the good smooth operating things. So, it is a new day and I have come clean. 

I glazed this bowl on Feb 7. I love it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy President's Day!

A lot has happened in the a last couple weeks. T helped me sell my dining room set and the new one looks simply lovely in there.  I also got a lot of stuff cleared out of my quilting room in time for my mini-quilting retreat on Feb. 15.  T helped me bring in the extra six-foot table from my workshop. I had purchased some PVC pipe to make risers for the legs, so we could have a cutting table with the right height.  T pointed out that my table had adjustable legs. It was self-rising!  Who knew?!  How convenient!   I returned the PVC pipe to HD for a refund.  It turned out to be a pretty good set up.  It was mini.  There were three of us and we had a great time and more food than realistic.  T and I worked on mini-American flag quilts.  Ph worked on a lovely regular quilt until late in the day, then she started a mini flag quilt.  She will be showing us later how it turned out.  Meanwhile, T and I finished our mini quilts and did a swap. I give the one I made to her and she gave the one she made to me.  Yeah!  I made another small one, with zig-zag fabric, that quilter's call chevron fabric.  I don't get it. They are zig-zags.  I know what chevrons are; I was in the Air Force!  Anyway, I used the red and white zig-zag fabric for the stripes on the flag. I sewed yellow ric-rak in the seam and turned it right-side-out for a fun, quick, and without binding American Flag mini-quilt. 
L to R:  C made, C made, T made. 

Merlinda is deciding if she likes the new set.  The table-runner
is a quickie project that T taught us a couple years ago. Goes
perfectly with the 1970's flooring.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Busy Bee in January and February!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. I have managed to clean some items off my quilt table, so I could put my dining room chairs up there and give them the Murphy's Oil Soap treatment.  I am putting the whole set on consignment. After I get it all loaded into the pick-up, I can mop the dining room floor and put our new downsized dining room set in there.  Just removing that table extension board, that was in the broom closet, has allowed me to put the broom away and the folding step ladder!  Man! Space is finally finding it's way into our house!  But later today, my buddy and I are going to the Quilt Crossing to sign-up for a class in March and see what they have going on for "Souper Bowl Sunday"  -big sales!  I may have to break down and buy a yard of fabric!  I have a gift card!
     Also, this cleaning out/downsizing business is getting me more organized.  The Knotty Quilters have scheduled the last weekend in February for the Cindy Retreat in Eagle, so I decide to have a mini-retreat at our house for three of my quilting buddies.  Therefore, I have to get this dining set out of here by next weekend! So, on the 15th we will be clutter free in the quilting room!  The new dining set is in there with other dislodged household items!  Here is the old set, ready to go, with Merlinda's approval.
Don't you just love the 70's linoleum?!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Projects at Once

I am putting the binding on my exploding pineapple baby quilt tonight. If I get that done, I can start sewing all the strips of my Reverse Around The World quilt together (see next post down for a photo).  But, oh!  I made two quilted flannel Spidey pillows a couple of weeks ago and failed to post a photo.  They were very easy and fun. I did one on one night and the next one the following night. They are currently in a box traveling to some other part of the world, that shall remain nameless. They are a surprise!! And soooo soft!  I use those really soft travel pillow forms, you get at Hancock Fabrics, then I use really soft flannel and I quilted it!  You Spidey fans, give me some feedback! What do you think?
The gray flannel is left over from Colette's Spidey quilt!

Monday, January 19, 2015

What's on the design wall in January? A Reverse Round the World Quilt!

I have had nothing on my design wall since last September.  Well, those fishies are getting covered up by a new quilt top.  It is a "reverse round the world".  I got this kit from my friend, Caryl, in December.  I think it has been calling my name, so today after I sandwiched my gold and green exploding pineapple baby quilt, I started putting the RRW on the wall.  I must say, I was a tad negative toward a couple of the fabrics.  The maroon and the greyish pieces just look too solid and too bold for the rest of the quilt.  I did some substituting: I removed the maroon barn board fabric and replaced it with some pinkish-maroonish with tangerine mix with tad of lightness. I like that description.  I also replaced the greyish blocks with a similar shade of fabric that had a little pink and green activity on it, so it does not come across so very bold.  See my photos, below.  You can see how checker-boarded the first one looks and how the second one seems to flow together better.  I am leaving the green as it is. 
I have the blocks on the left a tad crowded, due to not
having a wide enough design wall.

This is my second version. I think it looks better.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cataloging UQPs

At the beginning of 2014, I went through my piles of projects and made a list of unfinished quilting projects (UQPs).  I rather like that better than UFOs.  If I did a list of UFOs, then I would have to include other 'objects', that are not quilts, on my list of unfinished 'objects'.  For instance, my unfinished Yeti Skills badge, tidying up my office, and completing my family genealogy!  Now, finishing my Yeti Skills badge is just 20 minutes of my time away, however, the other two are extremely elusive, and they are just examples of the mountain of non-quilting things I have waiting in the wings to complete.
     This morning, I sat down and went over last year's list and made a totally fresh, updated, list of unfinished quilting projects.  The good news is, I have two less on my list than last year. Success! Yeah!  I only have 28 UQPs for 2015.  The tough part is resolving not to add any further (new) projects during the timeframe of 2015.  I have high hopes of knocking out at least 8 of these projects.  I already started on my first one, Friday night.  I am getting my "15 Minutes of Play" quilt quilted.  I did all the stitch-in-the-ditch last night.  Now I just need to quilt in the border area and bind it.  I think I can have it done in two days (despite a couple "objects" that need doing, such as taking down the Christmas decorations).  That "15 Minutes of Play" quilt top was completed in February 2014. You can see it on my post of 02/13/2014.  I should have this completed UQP to post in the next week or so; in under a year, since the top was finished.[typed Saturday morning]
Sunday morning: I finished it last night. I have to take a photo to post. I will add that later.  I finished my first project of 2015! 
Ta da!