Friday, August 29, 2014

I Finished A Project!

My Mom embroidered three squares and wanted me to make a baby quilt incorporating those three squares.  That was about a year ago.  Well, I have finished it, and can, now, move forward without guilt.  The best thing is: she really likes it and has Toni, who works at her assisted living home, in mind to give it as a gift. Toni is seven months along and is waiting to be surprised by the gender. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Silly Thing Happened With the Dryer, or Design Wall Dilema!

I had a flannel-backed vinyl table cloth that I was going to wash before hanging it up as a design wall for my quilting.  I finally got around to getting it washed. I tossed it in the dryer, and planned to take it out in about 1 minute.  Well, I got distracted by many other things and when I remembered it was too late.  The vinyl had attached itself to the back of the drum and then it twisted the table cloth into a knot.  I got the table cloth out and threw it in the trash. I was able to peel all the melted vinyl off from the inside of the dryer.  That is why I am continuing to use the back of my flannel kitty quilt as a design wall.  I have considered putting my design wall on the pumice block chimney that is in my quilt room, but then I would have to move that mirror and my ceramic sun burst to another location, that I absolutely cannot figure out.  I need the mirror to practice my violin.  Also, I fly Alaska Airlines because they serve free alcoholic beverages.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

What is on the Design Wall in August?

After the quilt show, I flew off to Seattle for a few days visit with my honey.  I have been determined not to have to visit any quilt shops when I am traveling. We were finding our way to the Ballard Locks to see the boats come and go and see the fish ladder.  We were almost there, when my husband states, "Look, there's a quilt shop."  Well, he said it, not me.  So, that opened up the possibility of a visit!  I said, casually, "Can we stop there on the way back?"  Of course.  How devine!  It was The Quilting Loft, on NW Market St., in Seattle.  Lovely place, and I was sooo good. I only spent $45.00 and had the most delightful visit.  They have many Japanese fabrics and so much more.  I bought "Aoi Has Two Sisters" and three fabrics to go with.  Some of that is up on my design wall, next to my lingering scrappy doll quilt.  My scrappy doll quilt has had it's beginning on the design wall for some time, but has been covered by other projects.  I think one more hour on that and it will be finished.  Then, the wall will be clear of Aoi and her sisters. 
just a reminder, my design wall is the back of a flannel quilt, so pay no attention to all those fish!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Make a PVC Quilt Rack

Did you see that crazy PVC quilt rack at the Kuna Quilt Show?  Wouldn't you like to make one? You can make it bigger or smaller and decorate it any way you like. That is the great thing about creativity.  I am including instructions on how to make one like mine, if you read on!

the rack holding this small quilt is made of PVC pipe
  • hacksaw or PVC cutter tool (I used a small hacksaw)
  • Sharpie marker
  • measure tape
  • 1 inch PVC pipe and connectors as pictured below
  • your choice of colorful duct tape
 Go to your local home improvement store and you will find a nice selection of PVC pipe and connectors. I used the 1 " pipe, so I selected the elbows, T's, and end caps that were also 1".  That way they all fit together.  I did not use glue in my construction, yet it stays together nicely, and you can dismantle it for easy storage.
As indicated, in the photo above, you need 4 each of the 5 ft lengths of PVC, and 2 elbows, 4 T's, and 4 end caps. Two of the 5 ft pieces will be cut into smaller lengths that make the vertical sides and feet. The other two 5 ft pieces will make the horizontal top piece and lower support piece.
     Use the measure tape to measure 28" from the end of one long piece and mark it with a Sharpie marker.  Then, from that mark, measure 12 " and mark it.  Again, from that mark measure 10 " and mark.  Lay the second long piece next to the piece you marked, and make the identical markings on it.  You should have three marks on both 5 ' pieces of PVC.  Using the hacksaw (or your PVC pipe cutter) cut at those three marked locations on both pipes (that is six cuts). Now, you have four pieces out of each of the first two of your 5 ' lengths.  Lay the pieces next to each other, in two parallel straight lines.  Connect the 28" piece to the 12" piece using a T connector. Insert the other end of the 12" piece into the center hole of another T connector.  This is the center part of the foot support. You have two 10" pieces left and you connect them to either side of the T connector you just put on the 12" piece.  You do this with both sides of the stand assembly.  The end caps go on the ends of the 10" pieces that are the feet of the stand.
     Now you have both sides done, and you just need the cross pieces that connect both sides.  Measure and cut both cross pieces (vertical) the same length.  I cut mine 31" long based on the width of my quilt. Truth is if your quilt was 27" across, you could just cut one 5' piece of PVC in half (30"), so then you would only have to purchase 3 pieces of 5' PVC.
     Use the elbow connectors to attach the top cross piece to both sides. The lower support cross piece will be connected by inserting it into the T connectors on both sides.  Viola' !  It is done.  But now you want to change it from being that lovely white color:   scroll down to previous blog post.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Make That Rack Rock With Colorful Duct Tape

Cutting all that PVC was not so tough. What? Eight cuts and you are ready to assemble. Now you can add some duct tape and make that rack rock!
You need at least one roll of duct tape. You can leave negative spaces of white and really make it pop, if you use a dark color of duct tape.  Just like piecing a quilt: a piece of cake!  You need a cutting mat, Xacto knife or razor blade, duct tape, and your creative juices. That is all:

Once you determine the length that wraps around, you can roll it out on your cutting mat and cut at the right length every time.

I started with two colors of duct tape and then added green peace signs and a bit of black as I proceeded, just to break up that purple and paint splash stuff.

Experiment with adding small pieces in a mosaic fashion.

These are the four feet that support my quilt rack. Awesome!