Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blog readers and followers get what they want

Alright, alright!  I have received a few comments on some of the posts on my blog.  Thank you very much.  I do believe I will pick up the pace again soon.  Meanwhile, yes, there is a good backside on the Scrap Happy Quilt featured on my previous post.  I suppose I could have taken a photo of it and claimed it was an entirely different quilt!  I had a good time doing scrappy experiments this last spring, when I should have been serious about getting my liberated houses quilt finished.  But you know I get something started and have a good time, then something else catches my fancy and I am off in another direction before finishing the last project.  I did get my liberated houses quilt finished two weeks ago, just in time to enter it in the Kuna Quilt Show.  This scrap happy quilt has a scrappy fun back on it!  It does indicate that I have been using up some of my stash.  The next person who gives me fabric is going to get it!  I have so much fabric, it is getting quite out of control!  Unfortunately, making small scrappy quilts does not make much of a dent in the scraps or stash department.  Here is the backside of the scrap happy quilt I finally got quilted and bound last week:
Those are suns and moons outlining the flag & USA.
I have to go do the dishes or vacuum my desk now. TTFN

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quilt Announcing Next Year's Quilt Show Theme!

Yes! I have been extraordinarily busy! I finished my liberated houses quilt, and submitted it for entry in the upcoming Kuna Quilt Show (Aug 1 & 2), in Kuna, ID.  Then I worked real hard and finished quilting the one announcing the theme for 2016.  It will be in the show also.  Here it is! 
I really dug through my scraps to make this puppy!
Most of the scraps are from past quilting projects, however, some are those left in my scrap bin by others during quilting retreats. The butterfly blocks in the corners belonged to T, while the aqua and coffee prints belonged to M.  There is some pink, that I have no idea where it came from!  The 49er bit was a scrap my Mom saved from the quilt she and I made for my daughter when she graduated from high school in 2000.  This small quilt is not just scrappy but a memory quilt, too!