Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doc Brown vs. The Doctor

Happy October 21, 2015!  Things have been crazy and busy around here. I want to weigh in on the "Back to the Future" thing.  Doc Brown was pretty good, but a bit careless. Sometimes The Doctor is a bit careless.  Both of them had companions to help them succeed in their endeavors.  I believe the hi-jinx of Marty McFly and his nemesis Biff were not really going to impact the Earth and the Universe as much as those of Rose and Martha and the Daleks and Cybermen. But how can we compare a movie trio with a long lasting television program?  I think Marty McFly was awesome as the unexpected time traveler. Those stories are the best! Just look at Dent in the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy.  For an American time travel production, "Back to the Future" has my vote. For British, The Doc rocks!!

Sorry, nothing on the quilting front. We are preparing our house to go on the market and this place is a mess. Also, no time for quilting.  I will get my fix in November at the mini-retreat in Eagle. Yeah! Mini-retreat!  I hope!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!  As soon as I get the Dalik pillow case sewed up, I will post a photo!  I could post a photo of our remodeled kitchen . . .hmmmm.

On the subject of 1985 vs 2015 there was a lot of things we did not have back then.  But, if you don't have them, you don't miss them. I had a 35mm camera, now I have a digital camera. We did not have e-mail and no blogs at all! So, I would not have cared that it took a week to get my photos developed before I could post them on a non-existent blog.  OMG!  I found the best Halloween fabric to go with the Dalek fabric!  I will take a digital photo and post it to my totally existing blog!