Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rustic Bird Wallhanging Completed

It is completed at last.  I finally finished whip-stitching the casing on the back, for hanging.  It looks very nice hanging in the entry way of the new place.  I made it specifically for the quilt shelf that it is hanging from.  I made the quilt shelf many years ago, and it has only been used for two other quilts. The quilt shelf measures 37.5" across and 4" deep.  The bird quilt is 30" across.  This is brief, as I need to get back to putting everything to rights in one of the rooms in our new place.  No, it is not the quilting room. That one must wait.
The idea behind the block pattern is from the book:
pretty little mini quilts, by Lark Books.  I just enlarged
the block size and use bird fabric!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel

Dalek fabric and coordinating fabrics in new kitchen.
No, Light at the End of the Tunnel is not a quilt block or quilting pattern, that I know of.  I have been going great guns on fixing up the house, so I have not started the project that this fabric is for.  My cutting table has been taken over with other stuff, however, I have stacked some quilt tops and table runners on one end. Ebony has chosen this stack to be her new napping place.  I am thankful that Google has graciously allowed me to log back into my own blog.