Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wonky Flowers!!

Way back in March, when my life was completely frazzled, I took time to be good to myself, and I attended our Spring retreat in Eagle.  I planned on working on my purple Twisting Turning Twenty, but once again I was thwarted by the group learning of a new stack n' whack block.  It is called Wonky Flowers.   Well, okay, I will give it a try, but then I am back to my purple project.  Well, that did not work so well.  I ended up deciding I needed to complete this new project, so I could return to working on my old projects, of which I have 30 on a list from 2015.  I have not had time to update my list for 2016, not to mention it was packed in a box somewhere until May.  Below is my first quilt photo, taken out-of-doors at our new house. 

The fabrics are those I have collected with cupcake, baking themes,
and polka dots. Quilted by Phyllis Oneal.