Wednesday, December 12, 2012

four stacks of who-knows-how-many itty-bitty quilt blocks in each bag
'Tis always the season for sharing:  Quilters, seamstresses (aka sewers), and fabric hogs are people who share.  Isn't sharing wonderful?  Tonya shared with Mary, who shared with her posse.  There was an amazing little bit of business in that box.  Four little bags of cut one-inch blocks! Ta-da!  It looks like a magic show. It could be confetti!  They are samples to use for ordering yardage from the Keepsake Quilting company in New Hamshire.  I do not know how old they are, but the price would suggest, late 1900's.  (1980s, 1990s?)  I will have to find out! Oh, joy!  Oh, and yes they are now in my most safe posession. I do have my doll quilts to consider.  Kirsten Larsen will be having a hey day with this "perfect for her" size quilts!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fish Quilt!  In September, I attended a class at Room to Learn in Kuna. I finished it up at home and it turned out "darned cute".  The pattern is called "Up A Lazy River" by Far Flung Quilts, and I used the Lazy Angle by Creative Grids.  I have since used that Lazy Angle to make other cool blocks for my "grow it" quilt I am doing.  I purchased some shell fish fabric a couple years back, at The Quilter's Market when I was visiting Tucson, and used a little to make one of the fish. Then I decided to make it a bit longer by adding some to the bottom of the quilt. Hand sewn button eyes. Please, post me a message if you have any questions. Curiosity is a good thing. 

details & chosing buttons for eyes