Thursday, March 29, 2012

There are some larger quilt photos at the bottom, if you scroll down.
Here are some details, I promised:
Spirit of the Sea kimono jacket is completed. I gave it to my friend this afternoon.  Now, I need to continue with my barn quilt, but I have another kimono jacket all cut out . . . how hard would it be to just get it sewn together?  I cut it out in November (2011). If I sew it together now, I could wear it at the quilting retreat next month. 17 days, actually, but who's counting?  Decisions, decisions . . . Plus, getting the hang of preparing photos for my blog is a definite learning curve.  I want you to be able to see some of the details, so I do not want it too small, but the next size up is too big.
I will post some of the details.  :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It is good to take quilting and sewing classes in nearby towns.  I learned how to do long arm quilting on the machine at the Blue Bird Quilt Studio in downtown Nampa.  On days when I go and use their machine, I treat myself on the way home, with driving down a road I have not been down, so I can find barns to take photos of.  You meet nice people and friendly dogs who want you to play with them before you take a photo of the barn they are supposed to be protecting.  It is amazing how much slobber a dog can put on the surface of a ball.  One awesome happend last Veteran's Day.   I was coming back from the Blue Bird, when I went to get a barn photo and the place with the barn was having a holiday bazaar.  Well, it was also an estate sale!  The nice woman there was selling bags of fabric that had been her mother's stash.  Although she kept what she could of it, she was selling the rest.  I got some sweeeeeet fabric!  One piece in particular, was clearly from the 1970's, and I brought it home and washed it and it went perfectly with the fabric I had searched for on the internet for a dolphin kimono jacket.  Attached is a photo of this amazing paisley print!  I did get the kimono jacket and purse completed today, except I have to sew on three decorative buttons on the front of the jacket.  Then I can continue with my #1 barn quilt.  I am proud of me for getting the kimono jacket completed in one week. I will post a photo tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I have a massive back log, but tomorrow evening I am going to take a class at my local quilt shop. The class will teach me about Sashiko.  I would like to make a Sashiko quilt and the designs are pretty cool looking. Indigo blue with simple white stitches. There are many patterns and each pattern has a meaning.  Yes, I have three barn quilts in the works and stopped work on barn quilt #1 on Sunday, at 11:00 am, to begin working on a Kimono jacket for a friend that is going to have surgery next week.  I will get the Kimono jacket completed by the time she has her surgery. I am just that kind of crazy.  This Kimono jacket is really coming along. I have to work on my budget and bills tonight, class tomorrow night, then I can work on the jacket again on Wednesday night.  Thursday night I am baking 36 pigs in the blankets for a pot luck on Friday at work. Oh, yeah. Then, I guess I will practice my violin Friday night, because I have to practice before my lesson on Saturday.  My teacher knows I do not practice enough, on violin.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here I am starting something else at my ripe old age.

I am new to blogging, but am not new to quilting, chocolate, or the great outdoors. I have a buzzillion other things to be doing, especially quilting or sewing something special for a friend, but no, I am starting a blog.  Just like anything else, the best way to get started is to get started!  I have started, but don't really know what I am doing. Because I do not know the next step!  Okay, I am going to try to take the next step now and see what happens!

A slice of one of my rural photos