Saturday, September 14, 2013

Up To My Neck in Projects

Hello.  I am working on an oceany quilt that is for a friend, so I can say no more.  I hope to have the quilt top finished tonight.  Then tomorrow I will need to clear off my quilt table to prepare the backing.  Doing the back is my least favorite part because of the need for squaring it up. 
I did just finish a sweet baby quilt on August 30.  It is constructed with nine exploding pineapple blocks, bold polka dot inner border, and scrappy outer border.  I am not a fan of Mickey Mouse, but I am amazed at how wonderful it turned out. Chase is the Mickey Mouse fan. It is his quilt now.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ribbons from the Fair on Doll Quilt

Remember, I said I went to The Fair for an hour?  It has been reported that I had ribbons on the doll quilt that I entered in The Western Idaho Fair.  Well howdy! It was more than I expected, and frankly I was rather in shock, but I was smiling all the rest of the day.  It got first place and best of division ribbons. Smile!

Doll Quilt for 18" doll. Finished the weekend prior to the fair.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer is Not Over Yet

Summer is going by so quickly. I still have summer-time things I need to do, so I feel like I enjoyed the summer. I went wadding, ran through a sprinkler, had a picnic in the mountains, ate watermelon, went paddle-boating at the park, went to the Western Idaho Fair for one hour, drank a root beer float, made stepping stones, irrigated the property, and did some woodworking.  Yesterday, we went to the botanical garden where I got some sun on my shoulders and had a relaxing wonderful time.  I feel better now. I see I have done some summer things.  Below are photos of my quilts that won ribbons at the Kuna Quilt Show.  I am very pleased.
Cup O'Joy -2nd place; Fish Quilt -3rd place