Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Merlinda is Missing!

Sorry for the delay since my last posting. Things have been very busy, at work, at home, a week in NYC, then company; all very exciting stuff! Then one bad thing happened and I can't get motivated to write or be creative with my blog.  Merlinda is missing.  We have not seen her since Friday evening, June 19.  How can I write on my blog, knowing my star photo hog is missing?  Her 10th birthday is coming up in August. I hope that a miracle happens and she is brought back to us.  We have registered her as missing at the Humane Society, Simply Cats, and Craig's List.  I have checked at the Humane Society almost everyday since we have not seen her. I posted flyers and talked with the neighbors. I hope someone finds her. She hates fireworks and I fear for her over the next few days.